What to Incorporate and Avoid on Your Statement Essay – Words 485

Before you embark on writing your personal statement, it is best that you have enough knowledge of what and what not to write. Baidu shares some of the things to avoid and to embrace when writing your statement essay for college.

What to avoid when writing your statement essay

When you write your personal statement, it is advisable that you show that you are no ignorant when it comes to the school where you want to apply. However, you have to avoid talking about the school too much.

Dont: Talk about the school too much. Admissions officers already know how great their institutions are (or arent). Customization is important, but two or three sentences about the school should suffice.

Remember that your personal statement is still about you. And you cant reveal the real you if you keep talking about the school. Keep in mind that the pages for the admissions essay is limited.

As much as possible, you should not talk about negative things.

Dont: Dwell on negatives. No need to mention that C- in French History (Napoleon who?). Its okay that you couldnt find a job for 4 months after graduating from college. Your GMAT score is what it is. The personal statement is like a first date; let her know about the credit card debt months later, after you move in.

If you cant avoid mentioning your failures, make sure that you end your essay with something positive like what you learned from those failures or what are your traits that helped you move on after your fall.

What to incorporate on your personal statement

When you talk about your experiences, be positive and specific.

Accentuate the positives, especially when it comes to your work experience. Be specific: You didnt just work for Goldman; you streamlined their derivatives platform which ushered in a period of 3x growth (assuming thats true, and if it is: good for you).

Another thing that you should do to make your essay excellent is to use your own voice. You have to show sincerity through your essay. This college blog shares some things admission officers expect from applicants.

Be authentic. We want to hear your voice in your response the experiences, opinions and values that have shaped you. Feel free to write on something you are passionate about so we can get to know you better.

When you write your statement essay, you have to avoid writing too much about the school. You should also avoid talking about negative things. As much as possible, dwell on the brighter side and also write as honestly as possible.

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